Seychelles National Day Expo 2013 – Random Photos

37 random images taken at the Seychelles National Day Expo (Roche Caiman) on June 17: Read More »

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I’m Done With Beaches!

I’m so tired of taking pictures on the beach! Today we decided to check out different places…including the La Gogue Dam, it was my first time there.  We were all over the place: North, East, West and South! North at Beau Vallon, East at Anse Etoile, Cascade, Pointe Larue, etc., West at Port Glaud, Anse Boileau, Baie Lazare, and South at Takamaka!  Here are a few pictures of Mahe – no beaches! :) Check it out: Read More »

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North East Point Beach

Decided to stop for a few minutes at North East Point beach yesterday, mainly because I hadn’t been there since I was a kid (a school trip!).  To my surprise there were many people swimming there.  I’m not a big fan of the beaches in this part of Mahe (the sand is darker than at the beaches on the southern region of the island).  The waves here are also not swim-friendly: Read More »

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“Stuck On You” – Lionel Richie

Here’s another song that I’m completely ‘stuck on’: Lionel Richie’s ‘Stuck On You’:

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Petite Police Beach, Seychelles

This could very much have been my first time on Petite Police beach.  It is in Takamaka (district), right next to Intendance beach.  I mean, I’ve been on the road that goes to the beach but I think this was the first time that I had actually stepped onto this beach.  The waves here were frightening, almost monstrous (check out the last picture I took – I was actually sitting on the rocks which was about 2 meters above the shore).  In fact, they were Tsunami-like.  Some sort of coral lines the bay.

When we got there, there was absolutely nobody on the beach.  So that’s actually one of the good things about this specific place, you get some level of privacy.  Definite no-no in terms of swimming or any kind of water sports and water activities.  The weather was not perfect.  But somehow, I did have an adrenaline rush due to the unpredictable waves.  I found it very humid and windy that day.

This beach is rather far away from the main road, I wouldn’t really say it’s within walking distance in comparison to Intendance beach (which you should go to if you enjoy a bit of a walk).  Plus, it’s quite secluded so you’ll need to consider personal safety. Read More »

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Intendance Beach, Seychelles

This beach is situated at Takamaka district, right next to Banyan Tree.  A very beautiful beach, and I was lucky enough to capture the sunset (well, at least part of it).  Is it a romantic beach? Yes.  Although don’t expect any privacy because the hotel guests can view the length of the beach.  So while you’re sunbathing, swimming, or doing whatever you want on the beach, someone might be watching you from the nearby hotel.  That part sucks.  The beach area is quite far away from the main road.  So get ready to walk a bit: Read More »

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Forever In Love With Kenny G :)

I’d give up every song in the world for this one right here: “Forever In Love” by Kenny G.  Awesome.  Orgasmic even.

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E Is For ‘Everything’ – I Love Every Darn Thing!

everythingI know far too many people who cannot find one thing they’re passionate about.  I on the other hand, am far too blessed in this aspect.  I tend to have a ‘thing’ for almost everything around me.  If I find something new to do, I become obsessed.  If I find something old, I want to collect it.  I like putting old things together and coming up with something new, and I also enjoy dismantling things that can be dismantled.  I love and respect old technology, yet I am inspired by new things people come up with every day.

It is my obsessive-compulsive nature (or disorder) that’s turned me into someone like this.  I am also a bit of a hoarder, I have such difficulty in getting rid of my things.  Everything’s got a sentimental value.  If I could keep everything in my pocket, I probably would!

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D Is For ‘Dessert’ – I Love Dessert!

banana-splitMy favourite dessert ever is the 3-flavours banana split ice cream.  They do it really well at Le Rendevous (I think it costs around SCR200 there, I totally recommend it).  That’s 3 scoops: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate – except if you’re a bit of a chocolate lover you can do what I do and choose 3 scoops of chocolate.  There’s a split banana on both sides of the weird boat-like bowl.  Then they’ve got whipped cream, chocolate syrup and cherries on top of the ice cream.  I think they put a hard cooking chocolate on mine the last time I was there…I hate those.

There are 2 things people should have every day and that’s their daily dose of laughter and something really sweet for a bit of a sugar high.  That’s the ultimate guilty pleasure indulgence for me.  Whenever I’m out at a restaurant, I’m more likely to skip the main course and go straight to the dessert menu immediately after the starters.  I mean, why waste time? The worst restaurant experience I’ve ever had was here in Seychelles when I went out with my family for a buffet dinner.  The only thing they had for dessert was fruit salad.  I mean, WTF? That’s like skipping classes to attend tuition.  Fruit salad is by no means a dessert.  A dessert is something diabetics aren’t allowed to have.  Desserts are meant to be a treat, not your 5 portions a day. Read More »

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C Is For ‘Comedy’ – I Love Comedy!

comedyThere is absolutely nothing better than snacking on 3 McDonald’s meals and watching comedy shows all day long.  Be it cartoons, movies or TV shows (including stand-up).  That’s what life’s about! Come to think of it, this might actually be one of my addictions…my ‘guilty pleasures’ if you will.  I sneak in a few hours a day to watch something funny, somehow I just need that daily dose of it.  I can’t function without watching something funny, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

I absolutely love Spongebob Squarepants, the humour’s beyond corny that it actually turns out funny.  I could watch that all day.  I also like South Park, Family Guy, American Dad.  I don’t get Simpsons (is it meant to be funny? I don’t remember watching an entire episode, it just bores me).

Some that comes to mind: The Big Bang Theory, Fresh Prince of Belair, Keeping Up Appearances, FRIENDS, Will & Grace, New Adventures of Old Christine, IT Crowd, gosh…just too many to mention!

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SEO tips for the small business organizations – Some valuable tips

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B Is For ‘Bubble Bath’ – I Love Bubble Baths!

bubble-bathOh gosh, so  many wonderful things begin with the letter ‘B’.  We’ve got babies, biscuits, beaches, balls, etc.  Ultimately, I have to be honest with myself…more than anything I can think of at the moment, I absolutely love bubble baths.  It’s utter bliss.  It’s one of those things you want to wake up to, and one of those things you want to do right before you go to bed.  Bath tubs are like the ultimate sanctuary…a quiet and peaceful place to think…and you convenient get clean at the same time.  That’s like shooting two birds with one stone.

The best part is to have lots of dry towels around so you can dry yourself well as soon as you get out, instead of feeling a little too cold because you’ve stayed in for too long (been there, done that!).  Oh, and don’t forget some bubblies to go with your bubbles…champagne or some sparkling wine.  Now that’s what I call a party. Read More »

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A Is For ‘Animals’ – I Love Animals!

I forgot to mention that I’ve signed up for the A to Z blogging challenge ( this year.  I don’t know if I mentioned this but last year I really wanted to join but I missed the sign ups.  This year, I signed up 3 days before the deadline so here I am! There will be 26 posts this month, each representing a letter of the alphabet.  I’ve decided to write about 26 things I love! That way you get to know more about me, and I get to know more about myself. :P This is my blog – it’s all about me…duh! I ought to be blogging every day but I’ll actually be scheduling my posts (some days I am sure that I won’t be able to posts, while other days I can complete several).  So here we go:

A Is For ‘Animals’ – I Love Animals!

animals Read More »

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Should We Delete Deceased Friends From Our Facebook?

In the early hours of this morning, I decided to delete some people I had on my Facebook friends list and they included my deceased friends.  I had been pondering about this subject for quite a while now: should we delete our friends who have passed away, from our Facebook account?

The first time I clicked on ‘unfriend’, it felt like a stab at my heart.  It made me think that at one point, this person decided to send me a friendship request (or vice versa) and we had kept in touch via Facebook.  When we delete a deceased friend on Facebook, we lose the connection between their friends and family members (especially if we had no mutual friends).  However, I feel it’s actually a better move on our part.  When I die, I do want my friends to delete me from their Facebook account.  I will take no offence to it.  In fact, I gladly endorse that action.  Here are a few reasons why we should just delete our deceased friends on Facebook: Read More »

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10 Reasons Why You Should Delete Your Facebook Account

stop-facebookOver a week ago I mentioned that I was going to come up with 10 reasons why you should delete your Facebook account.  I hope you’ve read my 10 reasons why you should join Facebook.  Today I will list down 10 reasons why you should consider deleting your Facebook account…and here they are: Read More »

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