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I’m not going to give it a backlink :D but the site is on the title of this blog post for anyone who wants to check it out.  THIS IS A WARNING though, so please be cautious.  I understand that there are many superstitious people out there who believe in wishes.  Heck, I wish on a falling star whenever I see one zooming by.

Anyway, a friend of mine has recently been having consecutive bad days so I’ve been doing my best to console her.  As an internet enthusiast, my friends tend to ask me internet-related questions because they feel I might be able to give them a knowledge-based answers.  So one day this particular friend asked me how to verify her Paypal so she could send $8 to a wish site.  This is how I got to know about this wish website.

Not surprisingly, this site also ranks #1 for the “wishes” keyword.  This site should be banned.  It is fraudulent and someone really ought to report it.  Why is it fraudulent? Because it preys on the vulnerable.  I mean, my friend was so desperate to have her wish granted that she was willing to pay $8 for it!

This is how this site works: you type in your wish and you are directed to your wish page.  You have to visit that wish page for 8 consecutive days for your wish to be granted.  It’s a smart site and the creator is a genius.  If I had no conscience, I would wish that I had thought of it first.

Anyway, each day that you load your wish page you are instructed to do one random thing.  I submitted some dummy text to that site and my wish page had instructed me to type in my birth date.  According to other sites that discuss this website, it asks you for very personal details that can be used against you.  This could be email, birthday, etc.  It also asks you to social bookmark their page (this helps in spreading the word about the site which increases the chances for other vulnerable or stupid people to fall into the trap).

According to my friend, it said something like this on her 4th consecutive wish day: “how much does your wish mean to you, do you really want it to come true? If yes, you must donate $8…” or something along those lines.  Christ.

People – this is just a website with a normal person behind it.  Anyone can do that; it’s not a magical website.  It’s just a person…a very smart person, has created a website and trying to earn revenue from it.

Please be careful online.

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  • At 2011.09.02 08:20, vittoria said:

    Appreciate the thoughts, but so far I’ve had something crazy happen to me, and I’m trying to get it right… something so out of left field

    I’d say it works hun.

    Like George Michael says, you gotta have faith! ^_^

    • At 2011.09.02 08:30, Sabrina Sabino said:

      Faith is all you need. Why use a website to do that? I don’t care if it tells you to do whatever during the 8 days. But asking for payment for your wish to come true is a whole other thing. But go ahead, pay. It’s not my money.

      • At 2011.09.16 19:11, Tina said:

        They don’t “request” payment…and the wishes work for people not because someone magical made it happen on this website but this website made people “focus” and gave them “hope” to believe, have faith and forced to use the “Law of Attraction”. This website does not grant people a helps them focus their energy and people do it themselves, is life! called faith!.. and donation is optional. It’s a free website.. and btw you are making money too…I wonder that’s why you blog or post articles…and an article of the #1 website keyword as you mentioned…so you are using their fame to bring you what I’m doing just now…comments!…. you’re not outside from the same politics.

        • At 2011.09.17 01:43, Sabrina Sabino said:

          I found out about real-wishes from a friend of mine who was having relationship problems. She was deperate for a solution and therefore vulnerable to anything that might work. The reason she told me about the site however was only because she needed help sorting out her Paypal account. All she told me was that she really needed 8 dollars. She pasted her fourth day task on our IM window and believe me, payment was not optional.

          They do have a donation button there on the site which I have nothing against. Every site has the rights to ask their audience for donations to help cover running costs.

          But they were forcing her to give eight dollars as part of the eight day tasks that the wisher has to do in order for their wishes to come true. Call it whatever you like, I call it downright scamming.

          My website does not have the same purpose. I don’t even ask for donations.

          As for keywords, it is just incidental that I appear on the first page for their keywords. This is my personal blog, I am entitled to my opinion.

          My friend almost spent eight dollars hoping that her wish would come true. The site is not ethical. If she wanted to spend eight dollars because she wanted to support the site and creators that would have been a whole other thing.

          • At 2011.11.06 04:18, Marcus said:

            The site actually works but you have to believe. 8 dollars is cheap if you get your wish. You may not get the whole wish It takes time . The wheel starts to turn.You have to have a belief in the process. Its not for skeptical people. You can laugh if you want but it has worked for thousands of people.The reason you stand in front of a mirror is that it reflects your wish and opens a gateway I believe. Anyway its worked for me but I am deeply moved by unseen forces. You are entitled to not bother your arse and stay in your own world if thats what you want

            • At 2011.11.06 11:49, Sabrina Sabino said:

              I believe that everyone’s wishes come true if they truly believe. Nobody needs a website that says so. I am in my own world? Ha. Are you listening to yourself? Your desperation for your wishes to come true have clouded your common sense. You have every right to use the website if you want to. Just like I have every right to tell people what I think of it.

              • At 2012.01.07 18:02, wellwisher said:

                i appreciate your views sabrina…really gr8,i agree….kp it up…lol

                • At 2012.01.14 07:29, ian said:

                  Dude, the site works. YOU DON’T GIVE MONEY TO THE SITE, U CAN GIVE MONEY AFTER YOUR WISH COMES TRUE, IF YOUR FRIEND HAS READ WHAT UR SPOSE TO DO ON THE WISH PAGE, IT’LL WORK, YOU CAN’T TELL ANYONE ABOUT YOUR WISH, AND YOU CAN’T SHOW ANY EMOTION OF YOUR WISH WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT. ALSO YOU DON’T EVN HAVE TO GIVE THE PERSON MONEY. I WISH FOR SOMETHING IMPOSSIBLE (I wished I was really smart a not disabled any more, I had hope that God gave me And used it 4 the wish.) I did EVERYTHIING IT SAID I USED ALL MY PAPERS TO WRITE HOW THE REST OF MY LIFE, AND EVERYHING CAME TRUE. your friend was thinking “I wish it came true now” to much and that will make the magic fade. (Screw the dumb ass key board I’m using, its touch screen, I’ll just build a new 1)

                  • At 2012.01.14 07:44, ian said:

                    Sabrina is it okay if I call you Godly Phsycic? Cuz ur name reminds me of a anime video game… the anime had rated X episodes when the show is for kids…. I saw them
                    And. .. well I wish I hadden but I didn’t waste the thing on the site. Because u can’t change time. But I was reading this randomly. LOLWUT? Monster is awesome. He’s awesome. You liek? F**k yeah! I really don’t know what I’m saying… :3
                    _Π_•o•_Π_ jk I would never flip some1 off, I was just seeing what it looked like. ;3

                    • At 2012.01.19 11:49, Sabrina Sabino said:

                      Thanks for your input Ian.

                      • At 2012.02.03 23:47, sexy bich said:


                        • At 2012.02.10 17:14, Raiku said:

                          The site is totally fake. They make money from bookmarking and shit.

                          • At 2012.02.10 17:59, Sabrina Sabino said:

                            @Raiku – yup. That’s what I think.

                            • At 2012.07.04 07:47, Mabel said:

                              Well actually i tried this site back when it came out in ’08. It never made me pay money and my wish did come true. It just simply asked if i wanted to donate. Whether it’s a scam or not, theres nothing we can do, people just have to be smart enough not to pay for something thats not real.

                              • At 2012.07.04 10:24, James Hadley said:

                                Working in company allows you the benefits of earning a fixed monthly income, but a freelancing opportunity allows you the liberty to be creative, and choose your own method of earning money.

                                • At 2012.07.04 13:47, Aditya Singh said:

                                  It is good to learn about these scam sites. One never knows when they will fall prey to these scams. I feel the best way to educate people about scam is to publish blogs about the ones you have encountered so far.

                                  • At 2013.02.22 01:23, Miguel said:

                                    Someone should really report this, and ban this site. From now on, I’m going to troll on it, 24/7, and spam, stating how fake it is.

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