WordPress 3.2 Is Out!

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I just upgraded to WordPress 3.2.  Normally when I see the notification on the dashboard I just click and upgrade the software automatically.  I don’t see a lot of UI (user interface) changes.  But today is certainly different…I can see some graphic changes already, and the ‘new post’ button above is gone so I have to click on the ‘add new’ link on the sidebar to create a new post.

Seems a lot more spacious though, and the colours seem just a wee bit easier on the eyes.  When did all this happen? Haha…there was just an update very recently, I think it was last week or the week before that.  I’m really impressed.  This really brings back a lot of memories when WordPress was initially released and the installation was not quite as simple, and upgrade was far from simple.  Now absolutely anyone can install and even upgrade their own software.

Thank you WordPress for being so awesome~! I will definitely notice the upgrades in due time. :)

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  • At 2011.07.07 05:58, Abigail said:

    And because of this, I’m a fan of Matt Mullenweg already. I’m just glad there’s wordpress. What would bloggers and online writers be without wordpress?!

    • At 2011.07.07 17:15, Sabrina Sabino said:

      Very true, Abigail! :)

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