8 Tips On How To Get More Fiverr Orders

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I woke up early this morning, possibly around 6am to complete a Fiverr order.  Earlier this week I finally decided to post an offer up on Fiverr because I spent about $11 there already.  So I decided to earn back the money I’ve spent on that site.  Within an hour or so two people placed an order and then the next day, another two people…today I’ve got another two…and two repeat customers.  How cool? I’m starting to think I could make some part time pocket money out of this site if I take it a little seriously.

I mentioned this to an online friend of mine who has also registered on Fiverr quite a while back.  He told me that he had no luck with his gig offers.  Browsing through Fiverr, I noticed that there are a lot of no-review gigs.  I’m no expert, but I’m sure I can help offer some tips on how to get your Fiverr gigs noticed and for the orders to start rolling in:

1.] Offer High-Demand Gigs

Advertising is HOT on Fiverr at the moment.  If you can help someone advertise their product or website, then get into that niche.  Article writing is also hot.  It’s easy to find out what’s hot, and what’s not: pay attention to the featured gigs.  Also, search for stuff you think you’ll be able to offer and check out the similar gigs.  If they have many reviews, then it gives you an idea of how many people would pay for that kind of gig.

2.] Compose A Winning Gig Title

It takes a split second to catch someone’s attention on Fiverr.  So if you’re offering something with quantity, use numbers (5, 10, 15, etc.) instead of words (five, ten, fifteen, etc.) and make sure the numbers is one of the first things they see because number really pop up.  Only write what they will get for $5, do not explain what the deal is i.e. what they will have to give you in order for you to meet their requirements.  Keep the title short and relevant.  Do not write the entire description of your gig, on the title space.  For example, if you want to offer 100 well-written and original, unique copyscape-proof articles for a fiver, type up something like “I will…write 100 unique articles…for $5″ and then further explain the gig in your description space.  Avoid writing “I will…compose brilliantly-written unique and copyscape-proof articles for your websites that will absolutely blow your mind away and attract a massive amount of targeted traffic…for $5″ on the title space.

3.] Promote your Gigs

If you have a Twitter or Facebook account then make sure you publish your Fiverr gigs.  Twitter is really great for this because there’s a lot of following going on in Twitter among internet marketers.  So you’re really providing a service where there’s high demand.  If you don’t promote your gigs, then the other Fiverr folks who do have a clear advantage over you.  With the great number of gigs there are today, some really great offers out there are missed because they are not promoted at all.

4.] Realistic Turnaround

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to deliver your work, just make sure it’s within a realistic time frame.  If you meet your deadlines, you leave a positive impression on your customers and they might use your service again or perhaps even tell others about it.  This benefits you a great deal.

5.] Sell Your Service On The Description Space

Do you think people don’t spend the time to read the description of your offer? You are wrong.  If your title is good enough, anyone who is interested will definitely read your gig description.  Make sure it’s not stupid because potential customers will not even bother checking out your other gigs if your description is absolutely ridiculous.  Just the other day I was looking for article writers on Fiverr.  This person from India wrote “native English writer” on his description, and his description was full of grammar and spelling errors…

6.] Quality work

It’s amazing what some people will do for $5.  Mainly because they do not compromise on quality despite the low value of dollars per gig.  But quality work is what gets returning or repeat customers, and it’s a good objective.  Quality work will also get you a shining review, which attracts even more people due to the increased credibility.

7.] Deliver The Offer

If your gig states 100 original articles, make sure you deliver 100 original articles and not 100 spun articles.  Delivering what you say you will, will help give you great reviews and in turn, give you more Fiverr orders.

8.] Offer Gigs That Are Difficult To Refuse

Some gigs sound so awesome that you will spend your $$$ if you have some.  Cool gigs like those who will make custom jewelry for only $5 or those who will sing happy birthday in a foreign language to anyone in the world, etc.  Some of them are ridiculously funny that it really tempts you to spend that $5 because it’s something you never really thought of doing.  Offer something that’s difficult to refuse and you will definitely get more Fiverr offers.  100 articles for $5 is a good start. ;)

…and by the way, apparently you only actually get $4 per gig…Fiverr keeps $1.  Ouch!

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