5 Reasons Why Not Purchase the iPhone 5

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If you can’t afford the iPhone 5 and are just finding for a several reasons not to purchase it, maybe these will help you.

1 – No swappable battery is one of the reasons. And consumer cannot understand why Apple doesn’t like allowing people alter batteries in its devices easily, but the easy facility to supply and in an extravagant product like this, its absence is really an annoyance. This alone should be a deal-breaker for the smart buyer.

2 – Another insult to the loyal consumer here is no memory card slot. As flash memory prices keep thrusting, microSD cards of an ample capacity become more affordable.  If you need more storage you can purchase it and slot it in yourself. You can duplicate and moving drift with ease.

3 – If you ever desire to acquire stuff on or off that phone, you’ll be doing it surely via a more or less time-consuming and interfere data channel.

4 – The sale of various iPhones with distinct amounts of memory is just the old trick of bargaining the same thing at different amounts: Absolutely in order to improve itself, Apple has gone a long way towards destroying that idea.  Possibly one of the most enduring selling points the iPhone had was that it was fresh and fascinating. Today more people and his dog have one. Purchasing an iPhone pinpoint you out as a follower rather than a leader of fashion.

5 – iPhones have always diminished on actual characteristic. They’ve more or less caught up with other smartphones now, but if you keep in mind how long it took the iPhone to acquire basics like 3G and GPS, you can look forward and expect that it won’t be long before several new features comes out – and the iPhone won’t have it.

iPhone 5 is not actually that amazing as a phone.  iPhones have scored insignificant on indeed being phones. That’s somewhat worthless work for something this extravagant.

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  • At 2012.07.03 18:39, James Hadley said:

    I feel these are good enough reasons why one must stay away from iPhones. Lot of people I know have faced issues with the iPhone and thus it is not a good option for the amount of money one pays to purchase it.

    • At 2012.07.06 08:28, netophilic said:

      I feel that iPhone series of mobiles are facing serious threat from Android mobiles. Although the brand value of Apple is still able to save iPhone 5, it has to come up with still more features in order to beat Android.

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