Scam Alert: You have been selected, [Your Name Here]

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I just received this.  Remember to NOT CLICK on links within the email body if you didn’t not subscribe to anything or if you didn’t give out your email address anywhere.  Even if you did though, just be careful and pay attention to the site displayed on the links.

WRM <>     17 March 2012 23:03

Hello [Your Name Here],


Your eMail address xxxxx was exclusively selected as a possible winner.
Well done – you made it!

You have qualified for the free-choice sweepstake and are therefore amongst the chosen few in the final draw
for 3 Apple products: iMac, iPhone, iPad.

Participate now and click here:
### link removed [DO NOT VISIT THAT SITE] ###

Remember, you are one of the few selected, therefore you are a possible winner of one of three Apple products.

Good luck!

Your Free-Choice Team

### link removed [DO NOT VISIT THAT SITE] ###

To unsubscribe click here:
### link removed [DO NOT VISIT THAT SITE] ###

If you wish to unsubscribe from all future promotional offers,

please click the link below:

### link removed [DO NOT VISIT THAT SITE] ###

WRM Media

Limited Company No 5704941
Registered Office: 19 Appleton Court, Wakefield, WF2 7AR

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