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  • At 2011.06.19 20:48, Jay Mollindo said:

    Thank you for your comment on my website ( concerning the new Seychelles banknotes. I was wondering that if you had a hold of some of the new banknotes if you could donate some scans of them to my website as no website is currently showcasing them.

    Once again thanks!

    - Jay

    • At 2011.06.19 21:48, Sabrina Sabino said:

      Hi Jay,

      Yeah no probs. My scanner’s been problematic lately but if I can get it to work this evening I’ll send you a scan of the new Seychelles hundred rupee bill. I was holding a new 50 but I must have handed it out.

      • At 2011.06.30 12:34, Danielauk said:

        Hi Sabrina Sabino. I’m new here and I’m having troubles coming up with new pages for a scrapbook I’m working on. I just can’t feel of tips suitable now. Any suggestions on where I could possibly be able to obtain some scrapbooking sketches?

        • At 2011.08.12 08:06, Christine said:

          Hahhahahaha Hey Sabs you know thanks to the Jeux des iles that I realised you had a website hahahhahaha that’s so funny Wat up sis? Seems seychelles doing great in this years games what about Seychelles woman volleyball team how are they performing?

          • At 2011.08.12 10:06, Sabrina Sabino said:

            Haha, yeah a few people I know have told me the same thing. LOL. Women’s volleyball is doing great, they have qualified for the finals. Seychelles has indeed performed well this year for the games. :)

            • At 2011.08.19 11:39, Alain said:

              Hey Sabrina,

              ##### Message Removed #####

              Oh and cool blog by the way!


              • At 2011.09.25 16:20, Divina said:

                I like that Feedjit thing. I want it.

                • At 2011.09.25 23:38, Sabrina Sabino said:

                  Yup it’s cool. It invades visitor’s privacy, but cool nonetheless.

                  • At 2011.10.21 15:58, Maitreyee Sinha said:


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                    Waiting fr your kind reply to come.


                    • At 2011.10.21 23:34, Sabrina Sabino said:

                      Thanks Maitreyee. As long as it’s relevant to what I generally discuss on my blog, and unique/original content then I would definitely be interested in publishing them on the site.

                      • At 2011.11.02 11:18, Britney Danila said:


                        I was doing some online research yesterday and happened to go through your site as well. I was really amazed by the rich and informative contents that your site provides.

                        I am a professional content writer for some of the best web and logo design companies. So I was wondering if I can do something beneficial for you which can make your site much more interesting. It would be great if I can write an article for your site on a topic related to logo designing.

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                        Waiting for your positive response.


                        Britney Danila
                        {email address removed}

                        • At 2011.11.20 13:59, Jacques MEYSMAN said:

                          Would you please be kind enough, Miss Sabrina Sabino, to answer my e-mails about a possible swap Belgium/Seychelles viewcards and possibly cancelled stamps , please ? I sent you two e-mails to (email address removed) last week without any reply from you. I am a very reliable teacher in Brussels and am looking forward to your answer! Kind regards
                          Jacques ‘ James’ Meysman Brussels-Belgium) (email address removed)

                          • At 2011.11.20 20:09, Sabrina Sabino said:

                            Jacques, a reply has been sent. Pls. note I no longer ‘send first’ or send at the same time due to many disappointments. So if you would like to swap, pls. send unwritten/unused cards to the postal address I’ve forwarded to you and I will send you the same number of cards as soon as I receive yours. Rgds.

                            • At 2012.01.16 15:38, ROSETTE SUMMER said:


                              I was just going through few sites and blogs yesterday and came across your site too. I really liked the way you have presented your site. I was reading some of your content and really found them interesting and informative. So I was just wondering if I can also do something for your site.

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                              Best Regards,

                              ROSETTE SUMMER

                              • At 2012.01.20 16:29, coolpics said:

                                Hello Sabrina

                                I have a joomla 1.7 site. It already has a joom gallery 2.0 component installed in it.
                                Now their is one more section in my site which requires a separate joom gallery with its own categories, display settings etc.

                                So how can I install one more joom gallery in my existing site without disturbing the already present joom gallery component.

                                I have posted this query even on the joom gallery forum, but no one is replying.
                                I have gone through your blog and I hope that you reply.

                                Thanks in advance.

                                • At 2012.01.21 12:36, Sabrina Sabino said:

                                  Hi coolpics, let me see later today if I’ll be able to help you with that. Cheers.

                                  • At 2012.01.31 19:31, Sabrina Sabino said:

                                    @coolpics – sorry I almost forgot to get back to you. You might want to try this link:

                                    • At 2012.03.03 14:15, keshab webmaster said:

                                      hello dude ..reply me with a email to me .
                                      i see you site ,jumped from black hat …
                                      so i want to ask is it wp robot running …
                                      i want some help reagarding it . your site having very good vistors ..
                                      can you please help me to get some factors where i am confusing now…

                                      • At 2012.03.03 14:46, Sabrina Sabino said:

                                        Hi, I’m not using black hat methods for my blog. I am indeed using WordPress however I’m not using any WP bot to pull in visitors. At the moment most of what I’m doing is internal SEO. Cheers.

                                        • At 2012.03.15 10:15, cynthiatolliver said:


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                                          • At 2012.04.20 06:47, Satinder Chowdhry said:

                                            I like this new theme….

                                            • At 2012.04.20 13:35, Sabrina Sabino said:

                                              Thanks Satinder!

                                              • At 2012.05.09 08:31, Anjali said:

                                                Dear Editor,

                                                I have been following your blog for a while. I can say without hesitation that you have done remarkable work and put a great and informative content on it. Moreover, I have noticed that you are accepting guest posts as well, so I thought of contributing my ideas to your blog. I have done a comprehensive research on the topics that are related to your blog and can offer you a piece of them.

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                                                I Hope for a positive and professional response from your side.


                                                • At 2012.05.09 13:10, Sabrina Sabino said:

                                                  Anjali, you’re welcome to submit blog posts here as long as they meet the requirements. Thanks for your interest.

                                                  • At 2012.05.15 13:45, Anderson said:


                                                    I will give 200 words unique content but i need my two links in this post so please can you tell is this possible.


                                                    • At 2012.05.15 16:39, Sabrina Sabino said:

                                                      Hi Anderson, please check out the following link: for guidelines. Thanks.

                                                      • At 2012.05.16 10:29, CD said:

                                                        Hi Sabrina, I was checking one of my blogs the other day and apparently found the list to be on the scam list can. I dont know how this happened can we have a private conversation through email. as i will like to see proof of such audacious claims.

                                                        Thank you

                                                      • At 2012.06.30 02:16, Cindy said:

                                                        Just saw your comment on Zac Johnson’s blog
                                                        about him getting banned by AdSense.

                                                        The good news is I found a better alternative to AdSense…

                                                        • At 2012.07.10 18:01, Oscar said:

                                                          Hi Sabrina,

                                                          Someone actually pointed me to your blog. My email seems connected with a popular content thief and scammer mentioned at
                                                          How that happened , I dont know. I dont know any content thief or scammer by the name or email address. Is there anyway you can remove my email from the list? It’s the email I entered when contacting you. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

                                                          • At 2012.07.10 19:27, Sabrina Sabino said:

                                                            Hi Oscar, unfortunately your email has been associated with the popular content scammer (if you are indeed two different people) on this webmaster thread: I will remove your email address from this site for now however, as I personally cannot link you with the other email addresses. Sorry for any inconveniences caused.

                                                            • At 2012.07.11 11:37, Oscar said:

                                                              Hi Sabrina,

                                                              Thanks for removing my email address. I really appreciate it. I just posted a rejoinder/disclaimer to that effect on the same post. You’re far too kind. Thanks once more.

                                                          • At 2012.07.11 09:13, Donna Gabriel said:

                                                            We can increase rankings of your website in search engines. Please reply back for more details.

                                                            • At 2012.07.11 11:52, Sabrina Sabino said:


                                                              • At 2012.07.23 09:51, Jason said:

                                                                Are you interested in receiving guest post from me?It would be of high quality.

                                                                • At 2012.07.23 11:40, Sabrina Sabino said:

                                                                  Hi Jason,

                                                                  I’m currently accepting guest posts for my other blog (PR3) please check it out. Thanks.

                                                                • At 2012.09.11 11:04, Paul said:

                                                                  Hello Sabrina Sabino,

                                                                  I’ve found your website by Google so if possible can our website will be partenering.
                                                                  Looking answer soon from you
                                                                  You can send me feedback to my email adress

                                                                • At 2012.11.21 16:02, Felix said:

                                                                  Hello Sabrina Sabino,
                                                                  I write to inquire about working in Seychelles as a foreigner who just arrived Seychelles 3 days ago.Can a Nigerian who just arrived Seychelles 3 days ago get a job in Seychelles?Secondly,what is the requirement for him/her to get a job in Seychelles?
                                                                  Sabrina Sabino,I would be very grateful to reading from you with my questions above answered.

                                                                  • At 2013.11.04 14:26, Jeffrey said:

                                                                    Sabrina, I came across your blog searching for ways to fund my paypal account. If you have USD200 in your paypal account to mine, I will gladly meet you to pass you USD200 My HP 2610162 but I am stationed in Praslin

                                                                    • At 2014.01.30 20:59, Sabrina Sabino said:

                                                                      Hi Jeffrey, I’m sorry I just saw your message right now. If you get a Barclays Visa card then you will be able to verify your Paypal account with no problem. I don’t know if Barclays still offers this switch from regular cards to international Visa cards free of charge, but if you want to use your Paypal account to buy stuff online, this can be very useful.

                                                                    (Required, will not be published)

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